How It Works

Hillcrest Executive Search has been tracking the careers of top candidates since 1999. The majority of mid-to senior-level candidates in our targeted functions are part of the Hillcrest proprietary network and ready for immediate access and contact. New candidates or those entering the life sciences industry from strategic consulting, investment backing or other industries are systematically identified and added to our active candidate pool for consideration.

Once initiated, a search process takes 8-12 weeks:

Weeks 1-2 – Kick-off interview with hiring manager and HR/talent acquisition contact. Development of promotional copy outlining open position and hiring company. This material serves as an initial contact with prospective and qualified candidates for a position in the hiring company. The time and effort spent on this part of the search effort is often the most decisive part of the process. A majority of candidates will make a decision on whether to pursue a new opportunity based on the quality of initial contact from the recruitment representative. This material includes the following elements:

  • Introduction and overview of open position and company.
  • Detailed company history.
  • An overview of hiring company’s product portfolio, pipeline, and strategy.
  • Information on competitor companies and dynamics.
  • The detail on key people and leadership.
  • Buzz, trends, and current/recent events at the hiring company.
  • Detailed position description.

Weeks 2-6 – Screening interviews with top candidates for the open position. Presentation of candidate résumés to the hiring company. Selection of lead candidates for on-site interviews at the hiring company.

Weeks 4-8 – On-site candidate interviews with hiring manager and team. Post-interview discussions with the hiring manager and/or HR manager to evaluate and prioritize active candidates.

Weeks 9-10 – Selection of lead candidate. Reference and background checks. Offer.

Weeks 11-12 – Offer acceptance and start date scheduled.