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I believe that advances in biopharmaceutical and medical technologies are the most fascinating and compelling of human endeavors.  Healing is our most ancient art.  The development of this craft coincides with the birth of human consciousness.  What draws me to these industries is not only the science itself but the community of people who are also drawn in.  These amazing researchers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs are intellectually curious, with an always present undercurrent of deep compassion and drive to improve the human condition.  I love working with these people!

These are incredibly dynamic times for the life science industries.  Quantum leap advances in technology and market forces are spinning change and growth of new companies at an ever-increasing rate.  Needless to say, the result is a tremendous opportunity for professionals who are willing to take on risk and weather continuous change.  The challenge is two-fold; for the most inspired life science professionals to position themselves in organizations where they can have the greatest impact on society – and for leading-edge companies to identify and harness the talent required in an intensely competitive and finite ecosystem of talent.

My mission is to bridge this divide, to function as a “neurotransmitter between the incredible talent that is ready to be presented with amazing opportunities – and the best biopharma and medical technology companies looking to attract industry professionals who will make their organizations great.